Northeast Tennessee

Andrew Jackson ElementaryTBDTBD
Avoca Elementary School8/6/225:00 PM
Bluff City Elementary8/7/223:00
Boones Creek Elementary8/7/223:00 PM
Carter’s Valley Elementary8/7/223:00 PM
Central Heights Elementary8/6/2212:00 PM
Central Middle School8/6/2211:20 AM
Cherokee Elementary8/7/2212:15 PM
Church Hill Elementary8/7/223:00 PM
Church Hill Intermediate8/7/223:00 PM
Church Hill MIddle8/7/223:00 PM
Cloudland Elementary8/7/227:45 PM
Cloudland High8/7/227:45 PM
Daniel Boone High8/7/226:30 PM
David Crockett High7/31/224:00 PM
David Crockett High8/7/2212:45 PM
David Crockett High8/7/226:00 PM
Fairmont Elementary8/6/229:00 AM
Fall Branch Elementary8/7/229:30 AM
Grandview Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Gray Elementary8/7/225:00 PM
Greeneville High8/7/226:00 PM
Happy Valley High8/6/2210:00 AM
Haynesfield Elementary8/6/2210:30 AM
High Point Elementary8/6/228:00 AM
Highland View Elementary8/7/224:00 PM
Holston Elementary8/6/229:45 AM
Holston View Elementary8/6/225:00 PM
Indian Trail Middle School8/7/224:00 PM
Indian Trail Middle School8/7/226:00 PM
Jefferson Elementary8/7/224:15 PM
John Battle High8/7/225:00 PM
Jonesborough Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Jonesborough Middle8/7/226:00 PM
Ketron Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Kennedy Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Lake Ridge Elementary8/6/2211:00 AM
Lamar Elementary8/7/228:00 PM
Liberty Bell Middle8/7/225:00 PM
Love Chapel Elementary SchoolTBDTBD
Mary Hughes Elementary8/7/225:00 PM
Mount Carmel Elementary8/7/223:00 PM
Mountainview Elementary8/6/229:30 AM
Northside Elementary8/6/229:30 AM
Parrottsville Elementary8/7/222:00 PM
Ridgeview Elementary8/7/2212:30 PM
Rock Creek Elementary8/7/224:00 PM
Rock Springs Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Rogersville Middle School8/6/229:00 AM
Ross N. Robinson Middle8/7/226:00 PM
Sevier Middle8/7/222:00 PM
Science Hill High8/7/2212:45 PM
Science Hill High8/7/226:00 PM
South Central Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Southside Elementary8/6/2211:00 AM
Stonewall Jackson Elementary8/7/221:00 PM
Sullivan East High8/7/222:00 PM
Sullivan East Middle8/7/224:00
Sullivan Gardens Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Sullivan Heights Middle8/7/226:00 PM
Sulpher Springs Elementary8/7/227:00 PM
Surgoinsville Elementary8/7/223:00 PM
Surgoinsville MIddle8/7/223:00 PM
Temple Hill Elementary School8/7/226:00 PM
Tennessee High School8/7/223:00 PM
Tennessee Middle School8/6/226:00 PM
Tennessee Middle School8/7/224:00 PM
Theodore Rosevelt Elementary8/7/226:00 PM
Town Acres Elementary8/6/2210:00 AM
Unicoi County High8/6/229:00 AM
Unicoi County Middle School8/7/227:00 PM
Unicoi Elementary8/7/222:00 PM
Van Pelt Elementary8/6/229:30 AM
Virginia High8/6/2210:00 AM
Virginia Middle8/6/2210:00 AM
Volunteer High8/6/229:30 AM
Wallace Middle8/7/226:00 PM
Washington and Lee Elementary8/7/222:00 PM
Washington and Lee ElementaryTBDTBD
West Ridge High8/6/2210:40 AM
West Ridge High8/7/226:00 PM
West View Elementary8/7/224:00 PM
Woodland Elementary8/6/2212:00 PM

Middle Tennessee

AZ Kelly Elementary08/07 @2pm
Blanche Elementary (K- 8th) 7/31 @2pm
Central Magnet High School08/08 @9am
Central Magnet Middle School08/08 @9am
Crieve Hall Elementary8/6 @8:30am
Culleoka Unit School08/07 @4pm
David Youree Elementary School8/6 @11:15am
E.A. Cox Middle School08/07 @3pm
Fayetteville High School (9th-12th)7/31 @2pm
Fayetteville Middle School (5th -8th)7/31 @2pm
Flintville Elementary (K- 8th) 7/31 @2pm
Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary SchoolTBD
Granbery Elementary8/6 @ 4pm
Haywood Elementary School08/07 @6pm
Highland Rim Elementary (K- 8th) 7/31 @2pm
Hillsboro Comp High School08/06 @1pm
Hume Fogg High Academic Magnet08/07 @2PM
Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School08/06 @2pm
Independence High School8/6 @9am
J.E. Woodard Elementay08/06 @10am
JE Moss08/06 @11am
John Trotwood (JT Moore) Middle School8/6 @ 11am
Jones Brummett Elementary8/7 @3pm
Knowledge Academy08/06 @11am
Lavergne High School8/6 @3:30pm
LaVergne Middle School8/6 @9am
Lincoln Central Academy7/31 @2pm
Lincoln County High School (10th – 12th)7/31 @2pm
Madison Middle School08/06 @1pm
Merrol Hyde Magnet School08/06 @10am
Nashville Collegiate Prep08/06 @10am
Neely’s Bend Elementary Scool08/07 @2:30pm
Neely’s Bend Middle School08/07 @2pm
Norman Binkley Elementary08/07 @4pm
Ralph Askins Elementary7/31 @2pm
Rocky Fork Elementary School8/6 @10:15am
Rocky Fork Middle School8/6 @2pm
Shayne Elementary08/06 @9am
Smyrna Primary8/6 @12:15pm
South Lincoln School (K- 8th) 7/31 @2pm
Spring Hill High School8/6 @10am
Spring Hill Middle School8/6 @9am
Spring Station Middle School08/06 @9am
Stratton Elementary School08/06 @1:30pm
Summit High School08/06 @10am
Thurman Francis Elementary School8/6 @9am
Tusculum Elementary School08/07 @5pm
Unity (PreK- 8th) 7/31 @2pm
Valor Collegiate Academy08/06 @ 10am
Whitthorne Middle School8/6 @ 11am
William Henry Oliver Middle School08/06 @ 9:30am