#Pray4StudentsTN History

In 2014, First Priority led an initiative to gather parents and community leaders to pray over the campuses of every school in Middle Tennessee. In coordination with this goal, Governor Haslam’s office established a proclamation raising awareness of the event. The results of this one-day event were astonishing. Over 1,000 people at 89 schools united together in prayer for students, faculty, and administrators across the region.

Due to the profound impact this had on the communities, 3 state leaders asked the Governor to turn this proclamation into a law. After a short deliberation in both the State House and Senate, we are proud to announce that, on April 24, 2015, Governor Haslam signed The Tennessee Weekend of Prayer over Students (#Pray4StudentsTN) into law. Each year, on the first weekend of August, a time of Sabbath prayer will be dedicated to every school and every student in Middle Tennessee. In 2017, over 3,500 people gathered to pray on over 160 schools in our region, it was an amazing weekend.

Following the example set by the State of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama have declared an annual weekend of prayer over students across their states!

Schools That Reported Days of Prayer in 2014

Schools That Reported Days of Prayer in 2015

Schools That Reported Days of Prayer in 2016

Schools That Reported Days of Prayer in 2017